My Veins
My Veins
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My Veins

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I have big, thick, prominent veins that make my hands look even more expressive than they already are. When I talk, they flap around like wobbly slabs of blue vein cheese and, on the rare occasion I'm actually at the gym, blood pumps through them like they're on show in a Caravaggio painting. It's much less impressive than I'm implying here. 


In 2020, I've had plenty of time looking out the divided Victorian sash windows in front of my desk. Those divisions inspired the horizontal and vertical lines in my study of pattern. I've also had plenty of time to observe the veins on my arms and, despite knowing for a fact that blood is not blue, I will always take the time to doubt myself and Google whether it is, in fact, red or blue. 


There's something Gothic about the rich reds and blues contrasted with the black ink swooping into sharp points. The fine ink lines look almost like wire or mesh.  


This original artwork is hand illustrated with ink before being hand painted with watercolour gouache paint, by Brendon Marczan. It is unique and delicate, requiring professional framing. 


Study of original ornament, hand-painted with watercolor gouache on Fabriano 300gsm paper. 

  • Dimensions of paper: 12cm Wide x 15cm High (4.75in Wide x 6in High)
  • Italian, 300gsm Fabriano Artistico cold pressed paper
  • Signed in pencil on the back
  • Sold unframed
  • Original artwork


It is recommended that the artwork be framed under a UV protective glass with at least 70% UV light reduction. If the artwork is to be placed in direct sunlight, it is recommended that the artwork be framed under a UV protective glass with at least 98% UV light reduction, also known as 'museum glass'.


The images shown on this site may vary slightly from the actual artwork. Colors may be different on different digital devices and each device may have slightly unique color settings.