In London, it’s become normal to wear a mask when you leave the house. Not only as a way to protect yourself and others, but also a statement of solidarity. I enjoy mask-wearing even more when I don’t want to stop for a chat, when I’ve woken up feeling rough, when I have coffee breath, when I want to hide my double chin, when I want to mouth words to the songs I’m listening to but don’t want to look insane. 

What’s under your mask? These illustrations in watercolour gouache on Fabriano paper are from walks during my time in lockdown. Some I take photographs and others I sketch on the spot. The best ones are obviously the selfies - you’re welcome. Some I painted multiple times when I got back to my studio because I wanted to work on my technique. 

I do think it’s important to remember this moment in our history. Remember the people that were lost, remember the huge social change. Remember the things we hid behind our masks.