Based in London, Brendon Marczan is a multidisciplinary artist, exhibiting in solo and group shows since 2007. He has presented collections of his hand-crafted, mixed media artworks internationally, with regular shows in London, Dublin and Sydney.

Brendon creates original artworks on paper, canvas and board. His limited edition prints are produced in small quantities and are only available on select works.

"I create art as an extension of myself. My process, usually combining vivid colors and repetitive pattern is both meditative and exhaustive. It is a mental and physical challenge, occasionally numbing my hands and wrists, often forcing my fingers to bleed from overwork. I don't pretend that I'm a tortured, starving artist but I do experience anxiety if I'm asked to imagine a time in which I'm not able to express myself through my work. 

“I don't see patterns in everything, but I do see everything in patterns. I imagine a world in which ornament is delicately wrapped over, around, and through the environment. It’s a pretty Victorian idea to amplify the ornate and I’m regularly walking a fine line with kitsch just on the other side of that line.”

Many of Brendon’s artwork feature his recognisable ‘tipi’ symbol, a nod to the tent dwellings of Indigenous Canadian and North American tribes. The triangular shapes represent home, safety, and shelter. The tight grouping in many of Brendon’s works further reinforcing a sense of community.

“I wanted to include a symbol of home in my work so that I could anchor myself while creating and travelling. It has developed into somewhat of a signature in my larger pieces.”

Because of the delicate nature of each pattern element, larger works are created over months and sometimes years. Large pieces are exhibited or commissioned for private commissions, smaller artworks and studies are sold online.

Australian-born, Brendon often brings antipodean themes into his works through the use of humour, floral, fauna and the natural elements. "I have a connection with water and, where possible, I like to include watercolour pigments and gouache in my work. Growing up near the beach but now living in London, I have a love-hate relationship with the substance that represents the best times of my youth. As an adult, it's a substance that is so difficult to control, breaking through my ceiling, filling up my shoes, and moving in random directions on paper."