Just Below the Surface

Just Below the Surface

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Silvery-black shadows dance on the surface near the waters edge. Azure, early-afternoon skies bounce in glaring reflections. The lake isn’t very big but it is definitely a lake, with water lilies and enough room for a tiny row boat to cross in ten or fifteen strokes. I consider checking the water temperature with my foot but I have no intention of swimming.

Just below the surface, there is not sharp, colourful coral that could cut the soft flesh under my toes, and no clown fish to crush, ruining the chances of Nemo finding Dory, or vice-versa. Beyond that glassy darkness, there might be an eel but it’s highly unlikely. Certainly not an electric one commonly found in South America. This is Ireland, after all.

Just below the surface, a bony hand isn’t going to grip my calf tightly and pull me into a zombie abyss. A shark, fuelled by rage and starving for my pasty-white sunburnt thigh will never swim through here, nor will one swim at the nearby beach.

Just below the surface, the water may be temperate and it’s been so long since I’ve been fully submerged, with only a shower back at home. I have been conditioned with fears of what could be just below the surface.

I slide my foot back into my shoe and squint at the shades of blue.

Original artwork, hand-painted with watercolor gouache on Fabriano 300gsm paper. 

  • Dimensions: 12cm Wide x 15cm High (4.75in Wide x 6in High)
  • Italian, 300gsm Fabriano Artistico hot-pressed paper
  • Initialled in pencil on the back
  • Sold unframed
  • Original artwork


It is recommended that the artwork be framed under a UV protective glass with at least 70% UV light reduction. If the artwork is to be placed in direct sunlight, it is recommended that the artwork be framed under a UV protective glass with at least 98% UV light reduction, also known as 'museum glass'.


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